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of Authentic Flavors

Maintaining the authenticity of the dishes we serve is an important factor for us. This does not mean we do not improvise! We are constantly experimenting with food fusions that will keep customers at the edge of their seats, anticipating what is to come.

Feasto Express is known for its delectably delicious dishes that burst with authentic flavors since 1991. Our grilled chicken is the best in town! At a time when Arabian dishes were served in Malabar with a frosting of Indian masala, we introduced authentic Arabic dishes made with purely Arabian spices. Customers flocked in to have a taste of the desert’s dishes, and it’s been a full-house since! Adapting certain dishes to suit the local palette is also one of the unique features of our foodservice culture. All this is done after thorough research and analysing outside dining needs and trends, a key point of our success story. We also ensure to take the necessary care to retain the original taste and flavor of the dish.

our Vision

To become a global food connoisseur serving ot-of-this world food experiences locally all over the world.

our Mission

Exploring and expanding internationally by franchising through highly professional partners and together serving quality culinary experiences.


We have a few secrets behind our decades of success and constant growth.

  • Our Approach – For us at Feasto Express, food is a passion. It’s making, presentation, serving – it’s an entire experience. One which’s success culminates in the content and hapy faces of our customers.
  • Teamwork – Our staff is our backbone. Loyal, committed and well-trained, they have played and continue to play a huge role in our growth.
  • Consistency – While experimenting, adapting and innovating, we take efforts to ensure that the essence of our food, whether in taste or experience, stays the same. The aunthenticity of flavors, quality of produce and overall delivery of the ultimate Feasto Express experience stays the same through the years, and the outlets.
  • Research, Experiment, Innovate – We take our homework pretty seriously! The current market demands constant change, innovations and exclusivity. To keep up, we research, keep our eyes and ears open, experiment with flavors and most importanty, listen to our customers.

The Ideal Dining Destination

Just as the name suggests, Feasto Express is the perfect destination for all customer needs, whether they come for a quick bite or a feast. We offer not just food, but an experience. We make sure that our well-trained staff deliver a smooth experience to the customers, and keep them coming back!

Our highly specialized menu consists of quick bites like grills and burgers, which are a class of their own. And to counter them, we have carefully crafted dishes, prepared with season’s freshest produce, high-quality spices and authentic recipes, which are a feast to the eyes as much as to the mouth. These dishes are perfect for celebratory dinners, family get-togethers etc where time spent together is as important as food. And for this, we offer an ambiance that invites people to relax and settle in, and enjoy their food the right way – savouring each bite. Our carefully decorated spaces that accommodate cozy and classy furniture ensure a right balance of flair and finesse to that of our dishes.

Specialised Menu

In par with our policy of adapting to local palettes and food trends, the menu for our missle-eastern entry has been exclusively designed by expert chefs and food analysts. We offer a wide range of exotic and exquisite dishes, that includes our signature dishes – house specialties like grilled chicken and broasted chicken, finger-lickin’good appetisers, quick bites – for the busy millenial generation and of course,well- crafted dishes from each cuisine, especially Arabian, Fried Chicken and Continental.

We have stable systems in place for continous menu upgradations, both culinarily as well as physically.We understand the importance of design, and our menus are expertly designed and are themselves a visual treat.

Fresh and Healthy. Produce, Less Wastage

We have always strived to maintain stringent systems to ensure the quality of produce that we use, from choosing trustable vendors to high-grade storage systems. We prefer seasonal produce, and take big steps to ensure as little wastage as possible. We always try to maintain a sustainable mode of operation at Feasto Express.


Mr. Abdul Azeez, Mr. Abdul Kareem and Mr. Abdul Wahid have taken the legacy of their father to another level! Similar to carefully creating a fusion dish, they have transformed a 100year-old legacy into a mighty enterprise that has all the qualities of a modern, innovative and successful business venture. Like a good fusion dish, they have managed to retain the loyalty, commitment, and quality that their father established while adding new flair and spice by boldly venturing into experimental culinary areas and exploiting and adapting to the possibilities and challenges of the contemporary society.


chairman's message

Mr. Abdul Azeez
the Brains of Feasto Express

The brains behind the transformation of a traditional hotel chain into a modern, highly functional and fast-growing business venture, Mr. Abdul Azeez is a man with a farsighted vision and the competency to reach there. His entrepreneurial tendencies surfaced while he was in 7th grade when he started making money by selling snacks to local hotels. By the time he reached 10th grade, he was actively helping his father in his catering and outdoor events business. He was a backbencher at school who followed his passion to graduate in Hotel Management, and then postgraduate in MBA after a professional break of 2 years. 

To grow in any industry, you need to move with the tide. And that is what Abdul Azeez did. Adept at understanding market needs, and the changing food culture trends, it was his willingness to experiment and take valuable risks that pivoted the rapid growth of Feasto Express and it’s brand establishment in Malabar. Under him, Feasto Express has become one of the favorite choices of food connoisseurs in the Malabar Region. His vision is to explore world cuisines and serve them locally, thereby creating a global community by opening up a vista of good food.


Feasto Express is all set to enter the Middle-Eastern market. And we have done our homework pretty well for the same! We have a few signature dishes that are sure to have people coming back for more!

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It is the right family place for me. It is already a tradition for us to visit this place every Friday evening. I really enjoy the interior and music.

Steven Davis

I will never stop visiting this place. It is just a hideaway for me. It is located in a quite district and I like to come there after work.

Gloria Mann